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Section 5.4

(Updated January 2006)

Several training programs in the Meramec Region help eligible individuals receive the jobs and skills training they need to secure or maintain gainful employment. The following is a brief summary of the programs that are available in the region:

Adult Education and Literacy (AEL): Instructor Diane Crowder operates the AEL lab. She assists customers to prepare for the GED exam or prepare for a variety of standardized tests including the ACT and the ASVAB. She can help you learn to read, to improve your academic skills or learn to speak and improve your English skills. These services are “free” to anyone who is out of school and who is 16 or older. Contact: Diane at Central Ozarks Private Industry Council, 1202 Forum Drive (in the Forum Plaza), Rolla, MO 65401; 573-364-7030.

Division of Workforce Development (DWD): This state division of the Department of Economic Development provides a variety of services to job seekers and employers. Services are available to everyone and include access to the state-sponsored job bank, Great Hires (www.greathires.org), as well as other internet-based, job search web sites. Assistance with creating a resume' and obtaining labor market information are also among the services available. Individuals may comply with the in-person reporting requirements for Unemployment Insurance. Those who have lost their job due to foreign trade may receive information regarding Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA). Staff is available to help employer's access labor market information and advertise their job opportunities on Great Hires. The following programs are also provided through DWD.

Parents' Fair Share: A statewide program, which assists non-custodial parents in becoming self-reliant, active participants in their child's life. Parents' Fair Share helps to increase your ability to meet your child's needs emotionally and financially through mediation services, vocational, and training programs. Parents' Fair Share also offers financial assistance for your educational and training needs. Case management services are also provided to help you achieve your goals. Interested applicants should contact Cynthia McGuire at Central Ozarks Private Industry Council, 1202 Forum Drive (in the Forum Plaza), Rolla, MO 65401; 573-364-7030.

Veterans' Services: Designated staff is available to assess veterans' needs related to their job search. Included are case management, job development, job search assistance, and assurance of priority of service to veterans. Information regarding federal hiring procedures and the Troops to Teachers program is available. For more information, contact Steve Yount at Central Ozarks Private Industry Council, 1202 Forum Drive (in the Forum Plaza), Rolla, MO 65401; 573-364-7030.

For more information regarding DWD services, visit the web site at www.ded.mo.gov/wfd.

Career Assistance Program (CAP) (Formerly known as TANF): The Career Assistance Program helps TANF recipients gain economic independence by working closely with FSD and local employers to help clients find and keep employment. Resources are available, including Work Place Readiness classes, Occupational Skills Training, On-the-Job Training, case management and support services. For information on this program contact Amy at Central Ozarks Private Industry Council, 1202 Forum Drive (in the Forum Plaza), Rolla, MO 65401; 573-364-7030.

COPIC-Central Ozarks Private Industry Council: Is the Workforce Investment Act service provider for counties within the Meramec sub-region. Career Consultants are stationed in the Rolla Missouri Career Center and throughout the sub-region to assist customers. If you have had difficulty finding a job or have not been successful in retaining employment, you should ask to speak to a COPIC Career Consultant. COPIC has an 800 number for customers who live outside of Rolla. That number is: 800-638-1401.

COPIC has offices located in the following counties:

Crawford - Angela Smith, WIA Career Consultant/TANF-CAP Case Manager:
573/885/4425 or 877-283-2258
204 Theresa Street, Cuba, MO 65453

Dent - Kay Lawson, WIA Career Consultant/TANF-CAP Case Manager:
573/729/7137 or 877-283-2251
1100 E. West Scenic Rivers Blvd, Salem, MO 65560

Gasconade - Sheila Maylee, WIA Career Consultant/TANF-CAP Case manager: 573/437/5567 or 877-283-2250
1210 West End Mall, Unit C, Hwy. 28, Owensville, MO 65066

Maries -Sheila Maylee, WIA Career Consultant/TANF-CAP Case Manager:
573/422/3085 or 877-290-7235
Rolla & Vienna Roads, Vienna, MO 65582

Phelps - Chris Link, WIA Adult/Dislocated Career Consultant:
Phelps -Dennis Crocker, Jim Lompe and Tonya Sanders, WIA Youth Career Consultants:
Michelle Reeves, TANF-CAP Case Manager
573/364/7030 or 800-638-1401

Washington -Lee Hickman, WIA Career Consultant:
573/438/4414 or 877-283-2252
Steven Greenwell, TANF-CAP Case Manager:
573/438/8914 or 877-283-2252
10231 W. State Hwy. E, Suite C, Potosi, MO 63664

Literacy Program: This program provides one-on-one tutoring for individuals at least 16 years old who have a fifth-grade reading level or below. Classes given in Crawford, Dent, Maries, Phelps. English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are also available. Contact: Rolla Technical Institute 1304 E. 10th, Rolla, Mo. 65401 or 573-458-0150.

Experience Works, www.experienceworks.org: Provides technical training, job counseling, placement and support sercices to Missouri residents aged 55 or older with limited income accepted into training. Classes held in Jefferson city for six weeks to prepare senior citizens, dislocated workers and disadvantaged individuals with skills needed for high tech Job opportunities in a varieety of industries. Contact: Experience Works, 1-800-368-7569, P.O. Box 414, Buffalo, MO 65622, ewmo@positech.net or Susan Streit at (573) 442-0067.

Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation, www.vr.dese.mo.gov: Vocational Rehabilitation is a program designed to help persons with a physical or mental impediment to become employed. There are certain eligibility requirements and responsibili- ties to participate in this program. Contact: Clarissa White, Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation, 1101 W. Kingshighway, Rolla, MO or 573-368-2266 or 1-800-890-2867, clarissa.white@vr.dese.mo.gov.

Source: Meramec Regional Planning Commission Survey, January 2006

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